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Plasmalift Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

PlasmaLift is a revolutionary new technology that has been proven to be effective in reducing wrinkles and treating the signs of ageing.

Read the most frequently asked questions about Plasmalift Pro below and book a consultation if you require further information.

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What Is Plasmalift?

Plasmalift is a brand-new treatment available at Deep Skin Therapy. Plasma technology is used to reduce the signs of ageing and improve wrinkles without the need for invasive surgery or excessive recovery times.


What Does Plasmalift Do?

Plasmalift can be used with great results for wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening, eyelid hood reduction, smoker’s lines, marionette lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, ear lobe tightening and more. Overall, resulting in a more youthful appearance.


Is Plasmalift Invasive Surgery?

Not at all. Plasmalift is a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts. It doesn’t involve cutting or thinning the skin in any way; rather, it stimulates collagen production from the surface of the skin.


Is Plasmalift Safe?

Plasmalift has been tried and tested, receiving approval to be used in clinical settings across Australia. Because Plasmalift doesn’t involve surgery, the risks and recovery times are minimised.


Is There Any Downtime with Plasmalift?

In comparison to traditional facelift surgeries, Plasmalift involves minimal downtime and reduced side effects. The healing process may result in some crusting of the skin which takes approximately a week to naturally fade away. For some individuals, the recovery time can last up to 10 days with mild side effects.


How Long Until I See Results from Plasmalift?

Most clients experience results immediately, and the skin-tightening effects continue to improve over the next 6-8 weeks and remaining visible for over a year. Many clients notice permanent improvements after just one treatment!


Is Plasmalift Painful?

The pain during a Plasmalift treatment should be minimised with the use of a local anaesthetic cream. The healing process can cause some mild discomfort but over-the-counter pain relief can be taken to help.


Does Plasmalift Have Any Side Effects?

Treatments have an instant effect which may include redness and swelling of the treated area for 2-3 days. Side effects vary from client to client. The healing process will include crusting (which should be left to fall away naturally) over the course of about a week.

Treatments can sometimes lead to more prolonged redness and swelling, while the skin recovers, this is more likely when the eyelids or areas close to the eye are treated. It can take up to 7-10 days to fully recover for some individuals. Makeup can be applied as cover where needed but should not be applied for 48hrs after the treatment.


What Is Unique about Plasmalift?

Plasmalift is the first of its kind. This non-surgical facelift is a brand-new alternative for reducing wrinkles and ageing. Results can be seen instantly, and Plasmalift can treat areas that are difficult to access with other facial treatments, making it highly complementary with other facial treatments such as HIFU.


Can Plasmalift Replace a Facelift?

Plasmalift can effectively treat surface-level imperfections, making it a viable and safe option for clients who don’t consider themselves ready for a traditional facelift. Ongoing treatments can be used as a preventative measure, removing the need for invasive surgery in the future.


How Long Does Plasmalift Take?

Plasmalift is a fast and effective treatment that should take up to one hour from beginning to end.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Plasmalift?

Typically, those in their thirties and older who have mild to moderate skin laxity are good candidates for Plasmalift. People with visible wrinkles and surface imperfections who are looking for fast and effective treatment are excellent candidates.


How Long Do Results from Plasmalift Last?

Plasmalift stimulates the production of collagen which helps to naturally tighten skin. Many of our clients have noticed decreased visibility in the signs of ageing for over a year, and some clients have experienced permanent improvements.


What Technology does Plasmalift Use?

Plasmalift uses a specialised plasma pen, applied on minute spots at a certain distance apart to instantly stimulate the contraction and tightening of skin fibres. This leading-edge technology has proven to be safe and effective.


How Does Plasmalift Stimulate Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that keeps skin firm and toned. As we age, our collagen can lose its elasticity and start to slow down in production, leaving us open to the effects of gravity. Plasmalift targets fibroblasts in the dermis, stimulating collagen and elastin production.


What Problem Areas Does Plasmalift Target?

We can use Plasmalift to target eyelids, crow’s feet, frown lines, smoker’s lines, marionette lines, earlobes, and general facial wrinkles.


How Many Plasmalift Sessions Will I Need?

Each client will respond differently to Plasmalift. Generally, one to three sessions is needed. Most people will respond effectively after one session and will be able to see the effect immediately. Clients can expect continued improvement in their results over time as their body responds to the treatment and builds more collagen along with improving elastin production.


How Much Does Plasmalift Cost?

Plasmalift treatments start from as low as $200, depending on what areas you are targeting. When you book a consultation with Deep Skin Therapy, we will discuss your needs and create a custom treatment and pricing plan.


How Does Plasmalift Work?

Plasma pens convert electrical energy into electrostatic energy which is then transmitted to the probe. At about 1mm from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed and the electrostatic energy produces an arc of plasma which is discharged on the surface of the skin (epidermis). This principle involves the ionization of gases from the air to create a micro electrical discharge causing sublimation (directly turns a solid substance into a gas). The excess skin is sublimated.

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